Presentation of youth initiatives on the topic of media literacy

The project participants provided information to their peers and teachers about the youth initiatives developed in the second stage of ptoject - "Strengthening Democracy through Media Literacy".


Within the framework of the project, two initiatives were developed - "Media-literate pedestrian crossings" and "Mobile application - game". Both initiatives aim to raise public awareness of the importance of media literacy and also promote the development of media literacy skills.


Within the framework of the "Media Literate Pedestrian Crossings" initiative, five crossings were painted in the city of Tskaltubo on various topics of media literacy, including myths and reality, the so-called "Fake news" personal data protection, propaganda and trolls.


"Mobile application" involves the creation of a game that gives the user the opportunity to travel through time and get to know the important facts of the history of Georgia and the history of Georgian journalism by giving the correct answers to the questions. In addition, the game format helps the user to develop an important component of media literacy - the ability to recognize true and false facts. The first phase of the game will be available soon and will be an important resource for both formal and informal education.


The project "Strengthening Democracy through Media Literacy" is financed by the Czech Ministry of Foreign Affairs and USAID and is implemented by "People in Need" in cooperation with local organizations in various municipalities of Georgia. Local Action Group Tskaltubo (LAG Tskaltubo) implements the project in Tskaltubo municipality.